by Kaitlin Sevy

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released May 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Kaitlin Sevy Eugene, Oregon

Kaitlin Sevy is a unique and eclectic vocalist and guitarist. Inspired by artists such as Cat Power, Jolie Holland, Scout Niblett, and Karen O, her heartfelt lyrics and biting performances encompass a combination of styles from folk, alternative country, to jazz.
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Track Name: The Clock (live)
The clock, chimes in my ear
It's telling me things I don't want to hear
Like, its been a year
Why are you still here?
My dear why don't you just run along?
Cause the whole world wants to hear your song
You need to break these ties and move on... move on

I said clock, now don't you chime
All this dream-keeping is taking up my time
You know I don't want to stand behind this door
I think you know the score, and I'm not winning
anymore... Anymore

Now the wind, it chimes in my ear
says it's been a year
and I'm so proud of you dear
You always said you'd mark the road with blood
from your traveling feet caked with mud
You swallowed all your pride and painted the skies with your eyes
It's about time.
It's about time

Cause the whole world wants to hear your song.
Track Name: Sparrow (rough cut)
Sparrow, Sparrow. Think I love you
Yes, I love you
Where are you going? Where have you been?
Will I ever see you again?
Well, it's dark now so tell me your secrets
I feel your scars now on your brow
Feel the creases going down, now
Like my worry slowly goes
Think I'll go now I burnt all my bridges
My mouth is closed now,
I'm done breaking hearts

Sparrow. Sparrow. This is not about the money
I could take it or put it down
It's the heartache. It's going both ways
It's the sorrow that always is found
Think I'll go now, I burnt all my bridges
My mouth is closed now
I'm done breaking hears.
Track Name: Somethings Coming (rough cut)
I've made choices; some wise, some not
It always gets harder sticking with what you're taught
And every single day,
it's amazing we're okay

Where did we come from? Where do we go?
I guess we should stick together until someone lets us know
Somebody floating from the sky
No not your ordinary guy

Something beautiful is coming this way
When it gets here, god, I hope it stays
It's gonna open all our eyes
Until we all will recognize

We're in the same boat. We're making friends
We're waving that same flag until this river ends
What's that waving in the dark?
It looks like a heart and a question mark.
Track Name: Lists (rough cut)
Lists, lists, lists
that's all I ever write
listen to poets whisper
Thinking someday that I might
feel the way that they do
Someday, fight the lovers fight

Wish, wish, wish
that's all I ever do
Waiting for someone to step up and
make them all come true
I can't do it oh, can you?
Maybe I should change my point of view

Miss, miss, miss
that's how I spend my time
Sadly reminiscing til I come close to
losing my mind
I've tried to put it all behind
Thank you for changing my mind
my mind oh my mind oh
thank you
lists, lists, lists
wish, wish, wish
miss, miss, miss
Thank you for changing my mind
Track Name: Separate Dimensions (live)
I'm on this journey
it's teeming with justice
weeping with solace,
filled with wonder
I made amends long ago
claimed all forgiveness
Now I'm alone, all alone
I burn for no one

Not even my own separate dimensions
can command my divided attention
Divided attention, divided attention,
divided attention, divided attention

Oh, I want to stay like this forever
and I know that I can
Oh, I've got a reckless reputation
And I can't shake it off
We're in this separate dimension today
yeah that's what makes this okay
No, I don't want your reality

Like a book, I am open
to darkness and sunlight
which fills in all spaces
so nowhere is nothing.
Nowhere is nothing. (X4)
Track Name: Last Chance Romance (live)
This is the hardest route to your heart
This is the roughest path I could take
I've taken many roads
I've put on my tapping shoes
I've set the mood for that entrancing dance
But his route i'm on now, well, it's taken its toll
Feel like i've lost my chance to show you romance
Live you've never seen before, don't lock your door
Cause baby, I know the sore and it's one to none

This is the hardest route to your sweet heart
This is the roughest path I could take
I've brought your troubled shoes out of the pouring rain
Thought all I had to gain was your company, but oh...
Let me explain. It's that look in your eyes
that only I know, that look of surprise
When my love starts to grow, baby it starts to show
that's when I'm hoping the most just to get to your heart.

Well I've flung myself onto many a fool
I understand now that there aren't any rules
It's looking good for you now with me or without
You'll make women wonder, oh this I don't doubt
I love you so, how do I let you know?
I just want you in my arms and out of harms way